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Keep your info safe

Data Privacy

Coorpacademy is the provider for your MOOC platform. We are the developers, instructional designers, and customer success managers behind every course you do on your platform.
We have been mandated by your employer to provide these services. Your employer has agreed to allow us to use the data we collect to continuously improve your experience, to produce better content, and to tailor the platform to your needs.


For example, when you finish a course, or stop halfway during a course, we save this data. This way, we know to adapt our recommendations to courses you like better.
Another example: when you click on "Start Learning" in the upper right hand corner of the course description page, we record it. And if we see that a lot of users click on this button to start learning instead of another button, we know we need to improve (or remove) the other button.
Want to know more about GDPR?
We have produced a course on the "Impacts of GDPR". Just search for "GDPR" ("RGPD" in French) on your platform to improve your knowledge on it!
If you can't find it on your platform, maybe your platform's manager hasn't activated it. Ask your manager for it and we'll be glad to add it to your platform.
You can also follow the course in a stand-alone page by clicking here, but you won't get any stars.

The last update on 23/11/2022. Coorpacademy Privacy and Cookie Policy. All rights reserved. 

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